Data fueled. Consumer driven.

AKQURACY’s mission is to challenge and improve upon traditional marketing practices in an independent, outside-the-box environment.

As a full-service, global data-driven communications agency, we sift through vast amounts of information to discover hidden insights that may appear counterintuitive, but ultimately prove to yield tremendous results.

Our formula is simple: decrypt data in order to understand consumer behaviors so we can re-create, affect and sustain them. Thanks to our innate understanding of complex customer data, we can identify unique connections that can completely redirect a client’s brand strategy.

From there, we develop multi-channel marketing strategies supported by killer creative and delivered with sniper-like accuracy. Our impactful campaigns increase loyalty, boost cross-sell opportunities and build long-term, profitable relationships.

Empower employees to empower clients.

As demand for AKQURACY’s services grows, Scott has pledged to keep the company’s organizational structure flat, autonomous and client focused. By respecting the talent and expertise of individual team members, he’s created an environment in which employees feel free to make decisions quickly—without the usual corporate bureaucracy.

With three offices and plans for more, AKQURACY will continue to maintain geographic proximity to its clients for easy communication and fast service.

Begin with the end in mind.

The old cliché about the business world being a jungle is outdated. AKQURACY approaches work as a collaboration—not a competition. We align our economic interests with our clients’ in order to share both the risks and the rewards, focusing on results in our approach and compensation model.

In addition, AKQURACY frequently partners with other ad agencies to share the team’s data science expertise.