An agency formed as a matter of life and death.

An overstatement? Perhaps. But not by much.

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2004, Scott Petinga realized there might be no tomorrows.

“I didn’t start living until I thought I was dying,” says Scott.

After he was declared “cancer free,” Scott founded AKQURACY in 2007 in his basement with nothing but a vision and cojones, turning a single client relationship into a multi-million dollar marketing company. He learned in the Marines that “nobody ever drowned in sweat,” and, compelled to create change, he proved it with an insatiable drive to succeed.Adage infographic


Case Study #1: Win over mobile execs where they live.

Client: GSMA, Ltd. The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide and produces industry-leading events such as the Mobile World Congress and Mobile Asia Expo.

Assignment/Project: Facebook app and ad buy.

Objective: Challenge “C” level executives on their knowledge of the mobile community while driving interest to GSMA’s Mobile World Congress symposium.

Solution: Our Facebook Mobile World Culture Trivia Challenge app and targeted ad campaign prompted the audience to correctly answer trivia questions in a limited time frame. Winners were captured in an app leader board and invited to post their scores to their own Facebook pages.

Results: With more than 1,000 unique game participants, we generated significant buzz for the GSMA and its Mobile World Congress.


Case Study #2: Skyrocket sales through dealer-level direct marketing activities.

Client: Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Assignment/Project: Develop a turn-key program to increase MotorClothes sales.

Challenge: Help Harley-Davidson identify its best MotorClothes customers in order to maximize return on its marketing spend.

Solution: Spot-on creative and sophisticated modeling techniques designed to elicit behavior from the targeted audience.

Results: Getting the right message to the right people at the right time generated a 17% incremental sales lift.


Case Study #3: Bring new blood to the brand, sooner.

Client: Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

Assignment/Project: Direct mail campaign for a new product launch.

Challenge: Introduce new product and inspire young adult intenders to want to ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Solution: An attention-grabbing direct marketing mailer with a glittering envelope that echoed Harley’s newly launched Hard Candy Custom big flake paint. Inside, a grommeted flipbook highlighted product features and invited the audience to “Write the next chapter.”

Results: Campaign finished 18% ahead of projected results and generated more than $175,000 in incremental margin.



Case Study #4: Swap a boring mailer for triple-digit ROI.

Client: Harley-Davidson Financial Services.

Assignment/Project: Motorcycle financing pre-qualification mailer.

Challenge: Show proof of concept for a financial services mailer unlike any other.

Solution: Stop the right customers in their tracks with a highly targeted, totally different mailer.

Results: We blew away everyone’s expectations with a whopping 534% return on investment.



What do a former military intelligence operative, a meteorologist and a quantitative analyst have in common?

They’re just a few of the self-professed “accountability freaks” on AKQURACY’s diverse staff. By counting on non-traditional advertising talent, the team is able to deliver fresh insights and incredible, measurable bottom line results for its clients.

How does a company attract such experienced talent? Be generous. Very generous.

AKQURACY covers 100% of medical, dental and disability coverage for employees and their families. Plus, 10% of 401(k) contributions are matched—and employees are fully vested from their first day of employment. In addition, flex time is embraced and encouraged when employees transition back to work from a maternity leave, surgery or other absence.

Enviable competitive advantages for any employer. Mind-boggling for a small business with just 9 employees.

A better business environment is better for the environment.

Our work matters. And where we work matters. That’s why AKQURACY founder Scott Petinga is developing a cutting-edge building in downtown Minneapolis, one with a decidedly different philosophy behind it.

The office space within the 18,500-square foot structure will be predominately owner-occupied, serving as a new workspace for AKQURACY’s expanding operations. In addition, a portion of the first floor will be dedicated to nurturing small businesses, offering the resources, inspiration and connections they need to grow.

By curating intuitive office spaces fitted with technological and human resources, we hope to facilitate partnerships within a collective of like-minded people. The first floor will also house a café focused on local, sustainable and organic ingredients, with plenty of outdoor seating.

At the heart of the development are these simple truths: we care about people. We care about our community. We care about our environment. And we care about the future.

That’s why we’re building toward LEED Platinum certification. By conserving energy and water, reducing waste and emissions, creating a safer workspace, and solving traditional problems in non-traditional ways, we plan to make a difference right now, and forever.


Data fueled. Consumer driven.

AKQURACY’s mission is to challenge and improve upon traditional marketing practices in an independent, outside-the-box environment.

As a full-service, global data-driven communications agency, we sift through vast amounts of information to discover hidden insights that may appear counterintuitive, but ultimately prove to yield tremendous results.

Our formula is simple: decrypt data in order to understand consumer behaviors so we can re-create, affect and sustain them. Thanks to our innate understanding of complex customer data, we can identify unique connections that can completely redirect a client’s brand strategy.

From there, we develop multi-channel marketing strategies supported by killer creative and delivered with sniper-like accuracy. Our impactful campaigns increase loyalty, boost cross-sell opportunities and build long-term, profitable relationships.

Empower employees to empower clients.

As demand for AKQURACY’s services grows, Scott has pledged to keep the company’s organizational structure flat, autonomous and client focused. By respecting the talent and expertise of individual team members, he’s created an environment in which employees feel free to make decisions quickly—without the usual corporate bureaucracy.

With three offices and plans for more, AKQURACY will continue to maintain geographic proximity to its clients for easy communication and fast service.

Begin with the end in mind.

The old cliché about the business world being a jungle is outdated. AKQURACY approaches work as a collaboration—not a competition. We align our economic interests with our clients’ in order to share both the risks and the rewards, focusing on results in our approach and compensation model.

In addition, AKQURACY frequently partners with other ad agencies to share the team’s data science expertise.